The Pro Pencil Bundle

With NEW Super Pro Shaper

A quicker, easier and safer way to achieve that famous flat, ultra-fine tip with the bundled HD Brows ultra-fine Pro Pencil and Super Pro Shaper Sharpener

What is It?

Our Pro Pencil & Super Shaper* Bundle is a must-have for any brow lover. You can’t have one of these brow essentials without the other, so order together as a bundle and save 10%.

Why you'll love it

Loved by brow artists, Instagram influencers and bloggers, our Pro Pencil has an ultra-fine tip that allows you to create realistic looking hair strokes. This innovative pencil mimics hair that isn’t there, giving the effect of fuller looking brows instantly, and the unique formulation gives it an extremely high colour pay off and soft texture that applies smoothly. Plus, there's now indentations on the side, so you can know just how much to unravel. Our wonder pencil is available in four versatile shades. Plus, you can master the pressure during application to create different effects.

To achieve the one-of-a-kind precision tip, you need the help of our expert Super Pro Shaper. This innovative new Shaper is an exclusive HD Brows pencil sharpener that is a much quicker, easier and safer way to achieve that famous flat, ultra-fine tip on the HD Brows Pro Pencil. It’s really rather super (if we do say so ourselves). Specifically designed for use alongside the Pro Pencil, its angled blade allows you to get a crisp tip with every use.

HD Brows Pro Pencil and Pro Shaper Bundle

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$55.71Sale Price