Paramedical Grade Home Use Derma Roller .2mm  and .3mm

You know i only bring you the best.

MTS are the best on the market. 

What is home rolling? Home rolling involves the use of a hand-held MTS roller device that holds 200 fine surgical stainless steel needles. When rolled over the skin in different directions the needles create small micro channels in the top layers of the epidermis.

This stimulates the ‘wound healing’ response amongst the cells in the epidermis and therefore stimulates tissue repair, regeneration and skin rejuvenation. Fresh collagen, growth factors and elastin fibres are laid down as the skin rebuilds a new layer.

Home Rolling benefits for your skin

  • Rebuilds deep wrinkles and fine lines Improves the overall texture and therefore the appearance of the skin.
  • Can repair UV damage (pigmentation)
  • Strengthening the collagen surrounding broken capillaries (making them less obvious), reducing redness.
  • Increases skin density & strength (improving the health of the skin).
  • Rebuilds skins tone and texture damage caused by scarring caused by trauma, surgical or accident and acne.
  • You can derma roll the face, neck and décolletage and other areas of the body such as back of hands, scalp and body.

Benefits of home rolling for you!

Safe - home rolling is a very safe treatment for your you to perform.

No downtime - there is very little downtime with home rolling, You will wake up the next morning with a slight tingle or redness or absolutely nothing at all, Fast - home rolling takes 5 mins max and you can build up from once per month then to more regular sessions, with guidance from me.

Longevity – your roller will last you 1 full year Perfection to work in combination with your regular treatment from Clarity Skin Therapy (when we can) Cost effective- $130 for a roller / 12 months = $10.80 per month for a paramedical treatment they literally will not need to leave the house for!


Sciency Stuff!

What is home rolling actually doing? Home rolling with a 0.2 or a 0.3 roller will needle down to the stratum basal layer. This will not draw any pin point bleeding, instead this will promote the inflammatory response. The inflammatory response calls on specific cells to promote regeneration of old tissue and release growth factors that that signal cells to form new collagen (giving skin strength), elastin ( healthy snap back in our skin) and our own hyaluronic acid (hydrating substance). Rolling will increase keratinocyte growth (main skin cell in the epidermis) and increase its turn-over.


How are MTS rollers different from cheap online rollers?

The needles are surgical steel, this means they will not rust, blunt or harbour bacteria.

Online models are made of cheap metal that rusts and holds bacteria, the needles become blunt very easily meaning the client must replace it more frequently. The needles are attached to the centre barrel, other needles sit superficially in the roller. Clients have actually reported that they have had to pick the needles out of their skin due to the needles falling out.


Each roller is gamma ray sealed, this means it is completely sterile before opening. Other rollers are boxed only meaning they are not sterile and before opening can harbour unknows microorganisms. TGA approved.


Contraindications for home rolling: Active Cold sores - the virus can spread to other areas of the face

Cystic acne - painful!

Active Eczema/psoriasis/active peri oral/ active rosacea

Clients not using correct skincare, Please dont derma roll with supermarket or chemist brand skin care. Contact me to get started on a range perfect for you.

 Raised moles - you never know what is happening under the mole, keep clear. Are you using Roaccutane? - wait for 6 months, the skin is unable to produce lipids, so the healing process will be too impaired

Not sure? Please chat with me to see if Derma Rolling is for you.


MTS Roller is a durable and high-quality precision tool.

The barrel and handle are made from Lexan® polycarbonate resin. The axle is polished stainless steel axle.

The 200 bristles (needles) – the highest count of any roller – are made from surgical stainless steel. A patented manufacturing process holds the needles permanently in place to within 0.02mm of the specified length from the roller base.

All rollers have unique quality-control serial numbers. All components are produced in high-tech ISO9001 quality-controlled manufacturing facilities located in South Korea and Switzerland.

MTS Roller is patented.


Isopropyl Alcohol to clean your roller is also available on the website.

MTS Collagen Induction Therapy Roller